Bohemian Knotweed


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Interesting Facts

Family: Polygonaceae (Buckwheat)

Other Scientific Names: Polygonum x bohemicum

Origin: Hybrid offspring of Japanese and Giant Knotweed. Much of what is called Japanese knotweed in North America is believed to be Bohemian Knotweed.

Growth Form/Reproduction: Perennial from creeping rhizomes and seeds.



Agricultural: Knotweeds can be consumed by grazing animals.
Ecological: Considered more aggressive and better adapted to a wider range of habitats than either parent. Dense stands of Bohemian knotweed can compete with other plants and replace native vegetation.
Human: Ornamental landscape plants.

Habitat: Prefers open sunny sites. Occupies diverse habitats and tolerates both moist and dry sites, on soils of silt, loams or sands. Spreads most aggressively on moist disturbed sites such as ditches, stream banks and beaches.

Human: Landscape plant valued for its tall stature and attractive foliage.




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