Regional Treatment Center




Mission Statement

The goal of the Bingham County Residential Transition Center (BCRTC) is to make a positive change in the lives of youth and their families in the Bingham County area. We are committed to working as a team to help each youth realize their potential and utilize their uniqueness for the benefit of themselves and their community. It is the intent of the BCRTC to utilize a balanced approach of providing accountability, community safety and competency development.

Physical Facility

RTC is a facility with two separate wings, housing 8 boys and 8 girls, each with its own bathroom. The facility has a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, a commons area, and a classroom. While in the facility, the majority of residents’ time is spent in the commons area. The facility has a 6500 sq. ft. backyard for large muscle activities and group functions. The facility is considered staff secure, 16 security cameras are positioned in and around the building for safety and security.

RTC accepts many types of placements. Some placements include parent placements, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Fort Hall Tribal Social Services and the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections (aftercare only). Please contact the facility for program costs.


“RTC is committed to helping youth develop the skills and behaviors to be successful in their own homes and the community.”


RTC uses a Cognitive-Behavioral approach combined with certain aspects of Positive Peer Culture. Components of the program include: Thinking For A Change, Relapse Prevention Planning, Anger Management, Focus Groups, independent living skills, individual and group counseling, large muscle and recreational activities, educational credits through the local school district, and a level system. The facility utilizes community resources for optimal transition and exposure to productive growth.

RTC has an on-site school room with a certified teacher and teacher’s aide. Residents who are unable to attend public school because of extenuating circumstances attend school at RTC and are able to earn school credits. The teacher coordinates residents’ school work with their home school district in an effort to avoid gaps in the youths’ education.

We seek to allow our residents the freedom to confront negative behavior while supporting positive interaction. We hope to teach our residents, through positive guidance, acceptable alternatives to displaying their feelings and thoughts while providing them with a safe and secure living environment.

Resident Rules

Residents are expected to follow facility rules that contribute to the goal of the program.

Residents are not allowed to engage in behavior that would be harmful to themselves, hurtful to others, or that destroys property. Residents are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, respectful manner towards peers, staff, and visitors. Residents are not permitted to be physically or verbally aggressive;, possess contraband (knives, guns, alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products, or related items, and/or any item that is not approved to be in the facility), enter areas without permission, tattoo or pierce the body, swear or use obscene gestures, horseplay, gamble, draw or wear gang related symbols, or glorify past criminal or negative acts.

Resident Activities

 A variety of physical activities are a part of the daily routine. These activities include but are not limited to: walking in parks, playing sports, and skating. Residents also participate in community service projects, educational and cultural awareness outings, and when earned, individualized privileges. RTC hosts their own special activities, for instance: Career Week, Olympics, RTC Auction, and preparing meals for special visitors.

Resident Rights and Responsibilities

All residents will have the right to: freedom from discrimination; attend religious services; nutritious meals, proper bedding and clothing; proper hygiene; medical and dental care; visits from parents or legal guardians; send and receive correspondence; access to attorney; grievances.

All residents have the responsibility to: treat others respectfully, fairly, and impartially; follow the rules, procedures, schedules, and directions of staff; conduct themselves appropriately; request medical and dental treatment when needed; confront negative behavior while encouraging the positive.

Dress Code

The resident dress code will consist of proper clothing that fits appropriately. This will be primarily jeans, slacks, t-shirts, collar shirts, and undergarments. Staff is responsible for determining if clothing is appropriate.

Personal Property

Residents’ property is kept to a minimum in an effort to avoid unnecessary problems. Residents are allowed to bring in limited reading materials (RTC has a large variety of reading material), school materials, a limited number of family photos, cards, letters, religious material, and prescription medication. All other items must be pre-approved by the Case Manager before it is brought into the facility. Tapes and CD’s are considered privileges and will only be allowed when the resident is on the appropriate level.

Visiting and Correspondence

Residents are permitted visits from parents, legal guardians, legal representatives, case workers, probation and law enforcement officers, and anyone listed on their approved contact list. All visitors must be over age 18.

Visits must occur only during visiting hours unless otherwise arranged with the Case Manager. Visiting hours are Sundays from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm. Visits may be monitored by staff and must be conducted for the benefit of all. Visits are subject to termination at any time. No items may be brought to residents without prior approval.

All residents are permitted to send and receive mail to approved contacts. RTC will provide postage for three letters weekly. Mail is subject to inspection and shall be done in the presence of the resident.

501 N. Maple #309
Blackfoot, Idaho
(208) 782-2692
(208) 782-2693

Beverly Kelly
Chief Administrator

Angela Lindley
Unit Manager

Rebecca Kluesner, LSW
Service Worker Supervisor
Case Manager