The Mission of the Bingham County Juvenile Probation Service is to assist young people to avoid delinquent behavior and grow into mature adults and to do so without endangering he community.


Bingham County Juvenile Services began in November 1977 with one juvenile probation officer. In 1990 another was hired. The change in juvenile justice laws in 1995 greatly increased the responsibilities of the County Probation Department and in order to meet those needs, additional personnel were hired. The present staff consists of 4 full-time probation officers: One bilingual, one officer specializing in after-care service, a licensed social worker. The full time staff is assisted by one full time clerical person and one part-time program coordinator for the youth companion/tracker program.

Current Services

Juvenile Services is responsible for juveniles on county probation and for Residential Treatment Center (RTC). The county supported youth facility. Programs offered by the department focus on accountability, community protection, and competency development. In addition to court-ordered probation supervision, youth may be referred to Shortstop (an early intervention program) anger management classes or problem solving groups. Clinical services for individual and family counseling are provided by the counsel on staff. Electronically monitored house arrests, intensive probation supervision, and tracker services are available for youth that are in need of intensive monitoring. After-care service are provided to youth returning to the community from out-of-area placement.

Future Service Projections

Currently referrals are increasing disproportionately to county population growth. In addition to the increases in number, outh are entering the juvenile justice system at an earlier age and for more serious offenses. An increasing percentage of reerred youth have early involvement with substance abuse. As strategies are developed to address these concerns, the focus will continue to be the balanced approach with an emphasis on community based services.

Juvenile Probation



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