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                                Whitney Manwaring

  Whitney grew up on a dairy farm in Groveland with his parents, Fred and Delores, and four siblings.  He has been married to his wife, Ginette, for 33 years and together they have four children and six grandchildren.  Whitney is a life-long resident and attended Groveland Elementary and Blackfoot Junior and Senior High schools where he was actively involved in Future Farmer’s of American and received the state Star Farmer Award.  In that respect, not much has changed over the past few decades as he continues to operate the 120-acre family farm in the Groveland area raising hay and grain, cattle, horses and sheep.

In 1987, Whitney began working as a volunteer with the Blackfoot Fire Department and in 1990 became a full time Fire Fighter and Advanced EMT.  In 2011, he retired from the Department to fill his new role as Bingham County Commissioner.  As a Commissioner he serves on the Boards of Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency, the Chamber of Commerce, the Tri County 3B Detention Facility and also the Board of Guardians that deals with indigent matters for our area.  Whitney also serves as Chair of the Bingham County Transportation Coalition and takes primary responsibility the County Buildings and Grounds as well as the Road and Bridge Departments.  

Whitney always enjoys talking one on one with friends, neighbors, and constituents and he always makes a special effort listen well and work hard when looking for solutions. He says of his time as Commissioner, "I love Southeast Idaho and the community that I grew up in and I hope that as Commissioner I have contributed in some way to keeping this area the same great place to live and work that has kept me and my family here and happy these many years."