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                                    Jessica Lewis

 Commissioner Lewis, the oldest of  Barry and Brenda Adams was born  and raised in Blackfoot. Both her and  her younger sister graduated from  Blackfoot High School. She was  active in 4-H and enjoyed playing  sports during her youth. She and her  husband, Logan, are lifelong  residents  of Bingham County and  together they  have two children - a  son and a  daughter. With most of  their families  also being lifelong  Bingham County  residents they have  strong ties to the  area.

 During her high school years she  became interested in public service  after participating in an internship at  the Bingham County Sheriff's Office and having the opportunity to attend a Youth Leadership Forum in Washington D.C. These experiences made her realize that she wanted to pursue a career as a public servant. After high school she attended Idaho State University obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science with a minor emphasis in History.

Commissioner Lewis has been employed by Bingham County since 2010 when she was hired by Sara Staub, County Clerk to work in the election's office. In 2015, she changed positions and went to work alongside the County Commissioners as their Administrative Assistant where she worked until she took office as a County Commissioner on January 14, 2019. In 2016 she was accepted to Graduate School where she is currently taking classes towards a Master of Public Administration Degree with an emphasis in State & Local Governments, Budgets, Grant Writing and Community & Regional Planning (Planning and Zoning). She will graduate the Master's program in May of 2019.

Commissioner Lewis has vested interest in Bingham County and is active in the community. She plans to continue to volunteer her time to the community.