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Last Updated 04:31am May 24 2006
Bingham County
Primary Nominating Election
May 23, 2006

Bingham County
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Bingham County
Precincts Counted22100.00%
Registered Voters19667100.00%
Registered Voters Election Day0
Registered Voters New Totals0
Ballots Cast572229.09%

Party Selection

US Representative District #2 (REP)
Michael Simpson4266100.00%

Governor (REP)
Dan Adamson123426.95%
Walt Bayes982.14%
Jack Alan Johnson2305.02%
C.L. "Butch" Otter301765.89%

Lieutenant Governor (REP)
Jim Risch4259100.00%

Secretary of State (REP)
Ben Ysursa4252100.00%

State Controller (REP)
Royce C. Chigbrow168439.76%
Donna M. Jones255160.24%

State Treasurer (REP)
Ron G. Crane4105100.00%

Attorney General (REP)
Myron Dan Gabbert92622.14%
Lawrence G. Wasden325677.86%

Supt. of Public Instruction (REP)
Steve Casey67315.15%
Tom Luna229951.74%
Steve Smylie147133.11%

State Senator Dist. #27 (REP)
Denton Darrington230100.00%

State Rep. Dist. #27 Pos. A (REP)
Scott C. Bedke227100.00%

State Rep. Dist #27 Pos. B (REP)
Timothy P. Deeg18977.46%
Ben W. Maggart104.10%
E. Jim Paskett156.15%
Fred Wood3012.30%

State Senator Dist. #28 (REP)
R. Steven Bair265862.60%
Paul Clark158837.40%

State Rep. Dist. #28 Pos. A (REP)
Dennis M. Lake3776100.00%

State Rep. Dist. #28 Pos. B (REP)
Jim Marriott203346.16%
R. Scott Reese156135.45%
Kirk G. Sheppard81018.39%

Commissioner Dist. #1 (REP)
Cleone C. Jolley4097100.00%

Commissioner Dist. #3 (REP)
Errol Covington4089100.00%

Clerk of the District Court (REP)
Sara J. Staub4104100.00%

Treasurer (REP)
Janice Lawes4111100.00%

Assessor (REP)
Ronald J. Simmons4176100.00%

Coroner (REP)
Greg Cobia81018.75%
Kyle B. Lindsay351181.25%

Precinct 2 Committeeman (REP)
C. Michael Horrocks126100.00%

Precinct 3 Committeeman (REP)
W. Rick Nalley209100.00%

Precinct 4 Committeeman (REP)
Craig T. Rowland182100.00%

Precinct 5 Committeeman (REP)
Curtis Cannon198100.00%

Precinct 7 Committeeman (REP)
Cleone C. Jolley194100.00%

Precinct 9 Committeeman (REP)
Scott O. Packham261100.00%

Precinct 10 Committeeman (REP)
Wayne D. Griffin130100.00%

Precinct 12 Committeeman (REP)
Gary E. Larsen268100.00%

Precinct 13 Committeeman (REP)
Trish Oak144100.00%

Precinct 14 Committeeman (REP)
Morrell Hampton181100.00%

Precinct 15 Committeeman (REP)
Carl H. Hege148100.00%

Precinct 16 Committeeman (REP)
Herbert A. Bohrer81100.00%

Precinct 19 Committeeman (REP)
Sara J. Staub116100.00%

Precinct 21 Committeeman (REP)
Robert B. Butler146100.00%

US Representative Dist. #2 (DEM)
Jim Hansen732100.00%

Governor (DEM)
Jerry M. Brady65381.63%
Lee Chaney Sr.14718.38%

Lieutenant Governor (DEM)
Larry Larocco46559.77%
Dan Romero31340.23%

Secretary of State (DEM)
J.R. "Roger" Williams (Write-in)35100.00%

State Controller (DEM)
Jackie Groves Twilegar720100.00%

State Treasurer (DEM)
Jill L. Ellsworth730100.00%

Attorney General (DEM)
Robert A. "Bob" Wallace714100.00%

Supt. of Public Instruction (DEM)
Jana L. Jones43254.20%
Bert Marley36545.80%

State Senator Dist. #28 (DEM)
John "Butch" Hulse690100.00%

State Rep. Dist. #28 Pos. A (DEM)
Beverly Beach (Write-In)169100.00%

State Rep. Dist. #28 Pos. B (DEM)
Jane Bingham Lamprecht (Write-In)140100.00%

Supreme Court Justice
To Succeed Dan Eismann
Dan Eismann4317100.00%

Appellate Court Judge
To Succeed Darrel R. Perry
Darrel R. Perry4307100.00%

District Judge, District #7
To Succeed Brent J. Moss
Brent J. Moss4304100.00%

District Judge, District #7
To Succeed Gregrory S. Anderson
Gregory S. Anderson4179100.00%

District Judge, District #7
To Succeed James C. Herndon
Dalon Esplin197838.81%
James C. Herndon108621.31%
Darren B. Simpson203239.87%

District Judge, District #7
To Succeed Jon J. Shindurling
Jon J. Shindurling4431100.00%

District Judge, District #7
To Succeed Richard T. St.Clair
Richard T. St.Clair4403100.00%

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Precincts Counted:22022
Precincts Not Counted:000
Precincts Total:22022