Adult Probation

Bingham County Adult Probation Department is committed to providing protection for our community from those committed to the Department and to provide opportunities for individuals to develop the ability to live within the norms and mores accepted by society.

The officers are committed to provide services, programs, and opportunities through our community-based and community-oriented programs and support the efforts of the probationer to successfully complete any special condition the court may impose. These Officers recognize their continuing obligation to provide assistance and guidance to the offender via a supervision plan. This is done by a method of providing a pro-active way of achieving specific objectives designed to help the probationer to function as a law-abiding citizen. This department also utilizes a specialized supervision program for substance abuse offenders, which minimizes the risk to the public and provides for the supervision and treatment of persons committed to this program. The program is accomplished by providing a highly structured program determined through assessments which determine the level of supervision needed. This allows the needed monitoring through early detection, education, and referral for treatment, thereby providing opportunities for the offender to develop a lifestyle free of alcohol or chemical abuse.

The supervision level outlines the number and types of personal contact visits the office maintains with the offender during the supervision period. This may include personal contacts, visits at home or employment/school visits, on both a scheduled and unscheduled basis, conducted by an authorized employee of the probation department. Office interviews may be included as a supplement to field supervision. At times, this provides the best setting in which to resolve personal problems the offender may be having. The county probation department has access to an electronic monitoring program. The purpose of this program is to provide an alternative to incarceration. This is accomplished by requiring offenders who meet specific criteria to adhere to a mandated schedule of home confinement which will be monitored electronically by the use of equipment designed specifically for that purpose, thereby providing the offender with the opportunity to experience a structured setting within the home.

The department provides reports as ordered by District and Magistrate Judges in the Seventh Judicial District of the State of Idaho. Each investigation includes, but is not limited to an account of the offender's criminal, familial, medical, marital, and educational history, as well as information regarding his/her current offense. The reports are used by the court to determine an appropriate sentence and are used in assisting the defendant in the successful completion of the court-ordered conditions. This department recognized their responsibility to provide the court with accurate and objective information so the sentences rendered ensure the protection of the community and are appropriate to the needs of the offender.

The Adult Probation Department is committed to the promotion and implementation of policies and procedures as outlined by the State of Idaho Division of Field and Community Services. These procedures reflect the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.

The employees in this department recognize their obligations and responsibilities to other entities in the Criminal Justice System and are committed to promoting and maintaining a professional relationship with them.

The Bingham County Probation Department recognizes the need for growth within the department as the population growth in Bingham County continues to rise. The department has recently added another probation officer that is bilingual speaking to help with the influx of Spanish speaking probationers. The department has upgraded their computer system so that each probation officer has their own computer, which will help handle the gradual increase in caseloads as time passes.

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