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The Bingham County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Division was established in 1962.  The Search and Rescue Division is a non-profit all volunteer organization, which operates under the authority of the Bingham County Sheriff's Office, and relies heavily on donations from businesses and individuals.

The Search and Rescue Division is comprised of more than 28 individuals from all walks of life and are extensively trained and certified in search techniques, high angle rescue, swift water rescue, water recovery equipment and are Emergency Medical Technicians or First Responders.  The Bingham County Search and Rescue Division is also licensed with the Idaho Emergency Medical Services Bureau as a First Responder / EMT-Basic Non-Transport Unit, and is also affiliated with the National Association for Search & Rescue.  Despite demanding jobs, these team members form a cohesive unit, and its specialized resources stand ready 24 hours a day for whenever an emergency may arise.  The Bingham County Search and Rescue Team is capable of responding outside of Bingham County and has assisted in Search and Rescue operations throughout the State of Idaho.

If you are interested in obtaining further information about the Bingham County Search and Rescue Division contact,
Captain Robert Sobieski at rsobieski@co.bingham.id.us

For an emergency situation contact the Bingham County Dispatch Division at (208) 785-1234.

Mission Statement

The Bingham County Search & Rescue Division is dedicated to providing professional ground, air, and marine Search & Rescue capabilities to the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Bingham County.  Our goal is to locate, render aid, and provide quality professional, expedient service to persons in distress, minimize loss of life, injury, and property damage, and to provide professional body recovery services as needed.

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