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The Reserve Deputy Unit of the Bingham County Sheriff's Office is a volunteer group organized to augment the Sheriff's Office in providing law enforcement services for the citizens of Bingham County.

The Reserve Deputy Program currently coordinated by Patrol Sergeant Jeremy Hook and Deputy Kirt Sjostrom of the Bingham County Sheriff's Office.  The citizens who participate are age 21 years-of-age and older, who volunteer their time to supplemental phases of departmental operations.  The members come from all areas of the county and include individuals from a host of different professions.  They have the same duty responsibilities and mission goals as their full time peers.  Reserve Deputies wear the same uniforms, have the same badges, identification cards and must meet all the education, training and duty requirements of the full time officers.  Reserves assist the full time officers in the areas of patrol duty, criminal investigation, court services and sometimes give the only opportunity to have two men units, especially on busy nights and weekends.  The program clearly requires quite a commitment and these Reserve Deputies are a true service to Bingham County and a vital part of the operations of the department. 

For further information in reference to the Bingham County Deputy Reserve Program contact Patrol Sergeant, Deputy Jeremy Hook at:

   501 N Maple
   Blackfoot, Idaho
   (208) 782-3038

Reserve Deputy Qualifications