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The Jail Division of the Bingham County Sheriff's Office is currently staffed with 29 certified deputies and is charged with the booking and housing of all adult persons arrested within Bingham County or those arrested by other agencies on local charges, are housed in safe conditions which are in compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations, American medical Association and American Jail Association regulations and guidelines.

As a matter of law, juveniles are neither booked nor housed within the Bingham County Jail, unless they are specifically charged as an adult.

The Bingham County Jail has an official capacity of 102 prisoners.



 Other Detention Facilities:

Probation Departments:

Bonneville County Jail      
(208) 529-1315 Ext 101

      Bannock County Jail
(208) 236-7125

    Pocatello Women's Correction Center
 (208) 236-6360

         Idaho Department of Corrections
(208) 658-2000

Bingham County
Adult Probation:
 (208) 785-5005
Ext: 2680

   Bingham County
Juvenile Probation
         (208) 782-2680       

     Idaho State Probation
    (208) 785-2883

Mission Statement

To ensure the safety and security of all inmates, staff, and the community.  To provide and set an example of good work ethics, morality and honesty.  To work as a team with the utmost respect and integrity in all our dealings.

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