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Visitation is done by appointment only:

   1.   All visitors have three options to register for visitation through the Telemate
         system at www.gettingout.com, the kiosk  which is  located in the Sheriff's
         Office or by calling 1-866-516-0115. It is strongly encouraged for you          to schedule your visit 24-48hrs in advance to assure that the inmate has
         ample time to accept your request for a visit.

   2.   Visits are held for (30) minutes. Visitation within the courthouse are held
         between the hours of  8:00 a.m. and the last visit is scheduled at 4:30 p.m.
         For video visits, visitation hours begin at 6:30 a.m. and end at 10:30 p.m.
         Please cancel if you can not keep your appointment to assure proper credit
         to your account (visit has to be cancelled 24hrs prior to the scheduled visit
         for your account to be credited.)

  3.   Show up 5 minutes early with your State ID, Drivers License or Tribal ID for

  4.   The visitor must be 18 years of age or accompanied by a legal adult with an

  5.   No cell phones will be used or shown to inmates at the visiting windows.

  6.   Children must be supervised at all times by an adult during visits.

  7.   The inmate needs to set up all family visits that will require a special visit
        (families traveling more that 150 miles) needs to contact the detention center
         to request a special visit.

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 Over the Counter Items:

  1.   Cash, debit and credit cards are taken at the kiosk or by calling

   2.   Prescription medications in the original bottle, with the inmates name on
         the label.

   3.   Glasses or contacts.  Contact solution must be purchased off of

   4.   Books or puzzles need to be received by the detention center by a valid
         business entity or publisher.

Posting Bond/Paying Fees

Cash payments for bonds or fines will be accepted at any time.  Please be sure to call first to verify the exact amount needed as the jail is not able to make change.

Inmate Commissary Accouts:

Monies Received:  Monies may be received for an inmate from family or friends by visiting the Telmate Kiosk machine located in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office during courthouse hours. Money can be added by utilizing cash, credit or debit card. The funds will then be entered in to the inmate's commissary account. 

Inmate Telephone System:

This facility has a privately owned inmate phone system for inmate use.  At least one phone is in each pod area and the commons area of booking.  These telephones allow the general population of the jail to make phone calls and the conversation may be recorded.  The use of this system is a privilege, therefore, under disciplinary action, an inmate may be prevented from making any phone calls.  All calls made on these phones are made using a phone card or are collect calls.  To avoid paying for collect calls, inmates have the option of purchasing phone cards on commissary.

               1.   Number of calls placed by an inmate:  There is no set number of
                        calls an inmate may place

               2.  Abusive language/Abuse of the system: Any abuse of this
                       system or use of abusive language while using the system
                       is prohibited and appropriate disciplinary action will be
               3.  Hours that calls can be made from pod phones       
                       begin at 5:30 a.m. and end at 11:00 p.m.,unless
                       restricted by the detention staff.  An automatic
                       shut-off is built into the phone system so that
                       phone calls cannot be made  before or after the
                       set time.

               4.  Incoming calls to inmates: Inmates may not receive   
                       phone calls while incarcerated in this facility.
               5.  All inmate communication is recorded.


All mail received by this facility for an inmate is subject to being opened and screened by on-duty officers.

                  Bingham County Jail                         
                      501 N Maple #408
                         Blackfoot, Idaho

Authorized Mail:
1.   A letter
2.   Only three pictures per envelope and no polaroid pictures will be accepted.
3.    Plain birthday cards without musical devices will be the only cards accepted.
4.   A paperback book ordered from the publisher will be given to that inmate.

Unauthorized Mail:
1.   No stickers of any kind will be allowed on the envelope or included in the letter.
2.   Any letters with extra paper, stamps or envelopes included, will be returned to sender.
3.   Crossword puzzles or word puzzles will be returned to sender.
4.   Money Orders can be mailed to:
                                                                                         Telmate, LLC
                                                                                         Attn: Deposits
                                                                                         1096 SE 6th Street
                                                                                         Ontario, Oregon

Inmate property must be picked up within 30 days of an inmate's release or it will be donated to a charitable cause.