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What types of animals does the Animal Control Officer pick up?

The Animal Control Officer only tends to domesticated animals, cats and dogs.  Incidents involving any other type of non-domesticated animals (skunks, porcupines, deer, elk, moose, injured birds...ect) need to be referred to the Idaho State Fish and Game which can be reached at (208) 232-4703.

How much does it cost to retrieve my pet from the Animal Shelter?

Pets that are retrieved from the Animal Shelter will cost the owner $20.00 for the first offense, and will increase $20.00 for each additional offense.  At the time the pet is picked up it will cost $10.00 additional for pets that are not licensed unless they have been spayed or neutered, the fee will then be $5.00.

How and when do I need to obtain a Kennel License?

A Kennel License can be obtained from the Bingham County Sheriff's Office business desk during business hours, Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.   Fees for a Kennel License are as follows, $25.00 a year for commercial, and $15.00 other plus a $5.00 tag. At any time that four or more dogs are kept on a property, a Kennel License is required. Blackfoot City does not issue Kennel Licenses.

How long will my pet be kept at the Animal Shelter?

Pets picked up in Bingham County are held for 5 days at the Animal Shelter before being destroyed.  Pets picked up in Blackfoot City are held for 5 days at the Animal Shelter before being destroyed.  If an owner of a pet wants their pet picked up or drops it off at the shelter there will be a $20.00 fee, $40.00 fee for litters. Drop off schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8:00-9:00 and 12:00-1:30 also Tuesday & Friday 12:00-1:00 Some pets that are taken to the Animal Shelter are taken in by the Bingham County Humane Society Foster Care Program which attempts to find quality homes for the animals.  The Bingham County Humane Society assists with all of the adoptions that occur through the Animal Shelter.  Animals can be adopted  through the Bingham County Humane Society on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from the hours of 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

My neighbor's dog is always barking.  What can I do? Can I remain anonymous?

You will have to attempt to have the approximate address for the problem dog and call the Sheriff's Department on the non-emergency number (208)785-1234.  The animal Control Officer will respond and either talk to the dog owner or leave a notice making them aware of the problem.  If the problem continues and you want something else done, you will not be able to remain anonymous.  You will have to come forward with specific dates and times you were disturbed.  If you are willing to testify in court and want prosecution, a citation can be issued to the dog owner.

Can my dog/s or cat/s run loose?

It is unlawful to allow your dog to run loose.  All dogs must be leashed and kept under control when not properly contained.  It is also unsafe for the dog as it could get hit by a car, lost or stolen, or get in to a fight with another animal.

At this time there is no county ordinance in place that prohibits a cat from running loose.