The Detective Division of the Bingham County Sheriff's Office is responsible for investigating reports of child abuse and white collar crime as well as providing investigative support for the Patrol Division for major felonies and domestic violence assault incidents.  The Detective Division is also responsible for performing follow-up investigations for reported criminal acts, including interviewing witnesses and suspects, conducting lineups, charging offenders, and preparing detailed case files for courtroom challenges.

The Detective Division along with conducting follow up investigations to reported crimes, is also very aggressive in proactive investigations.  Using modern technologies and forensic science along with traditional tools including tips from the citizens within Bingham County, other agencies and information obtained in other investigations, the Detective Division will conduct surveillances, and utilize other tactics in order to arrest people suspected of conducting criminal activity.  The Division makes numerous arrests each year as a product of our proactive and aggressive investigations.



Bingham County Detectives:

             Randy Herbert    
       (208) 782-3062

             Mike Marvin     
       (208) 782-3064

             Rick Nalley        
       (208) 782-3065

             John Olmstead   
       (208) 782-3038

             Mark Phillips     
       (208) 782-3003

     Chuck Carroll
        (208) 782-3067




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