Bingham County is called home to thousands of residents and is a place in which you should feel some sense of security to raise your families and conduct business.

The expectations you have for county government are to help provide the services needed to protect life and property and allow for economic growth. The Commissioners realize that we must meet the needs of the community and not just the needs of county government.

Security also means the ability to plan for the future. It is our responsibility as elected officials to help you plan for the future, yet as we see growth in Bingham County we feel the pressures for expanded services. To meet your demands for these services we must examine and anticipate all the factors that influence the county budget and yet exercise tax restraint.

In your homes and businesses, constraints are sometimes required for you to control budgets; we feel the need for that same control in county budgets. The Commissioners must make these decisions within tax constraints.

We need your help to make the tough decisions by sharing your opinions and giving us your input on your Visions for Tomorrow. Let us be "Your Voice in county government".

Bingham County Commissioners
A. Ladd Carter, Chairman
Whitney Manwaring
Mark R. Bair
District 1
Mark R. Bair
Four Year Term 2015-2019
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District 2
Whitney Manwaring
Four Year Term 2017-2021 
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District 3
A. Ladd Carter
Two Year Term 2017-2019
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501 N. Maple 
Blackfoot, Idaho 
(208) 782-3013

A. Ladd Carter

(208) 782-3012 

Whitney Manwaring

(208) 782-3011

Mark R. Bair

(208) 782-3010
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