Commemorative Wagon Train & Trail Ride



“The Bingham County Commissioners are inviting anyone in Bingham county who would like to join us in a commemorative wagon train and trail ride, starting June 6th near the county line on Lincoln Creek Rd.  We will travel 6 or 7 miles and camp near Morgan’s bridge on the 6th. The next day will be about 10 miles to Miner’s Creek to camp. The last day we will only go about 5 miles to Cedar creek where we will sponsor a BBQ  at 1:00 pm for anyone who would  like to come and will have a short program.   Our goal is to give families an opportunity to experience in a small part what trail life might have been like for emigrant families and early settlers. A map is on the web site with all the information.   There will be entertainment and the historical society will have presentations each night.  If folks can’t come for the whole trip, they can join us at any time along the way. We would like any who plans to go to register ahead with Lynette 782 -3013, so we will know the number to plan for the BBQ. The rest of the meals will have to be provided by the trekkers, on their own.  In the interest of safety, we only want people to bring well trained animals they can control. The Sheriff is in charge of the BBQ, so I know it will be great. Please bring lawnchairs to sit in for the BBQ. We have a committee that has worked hard on the plans, it should be a fun time.”