Being a victim of a crime can be a frightening experience.  To help victims of crime, sudden death and crisis, the Bingham County Sheriff's Office has available the Bingham Crisis Center.

The primary object of the center is to offer nonjudgmental, readily available support, information and referrals to families and to witnesses.

Crime victims are contacted by the Bingham Crisis Center by:

                Referrals made by patrol officers or detectives

                 Victim Advocates

The group is available 24-hours per day, seven days per week, to provide all kinds of assistance to Bingham County crime victims.

              Crisis Intervention and follow-up

               On-scene support and help in identifying immediate concerns

                A contact person with the Bingham County Sheriff's Office

                Assistance in helping to mobilize resources

                Referrals to support agencies and community services

                Information and assistance with protective orders

                Case status and what to expect from the criminal justice                  

                Education to the community on victim issues and crime                    prevention.  Victim Compensation.



Idaho Health
and Welfare

Idaho Care
Line 211

Bingham Crisis



Victims may also contact the Bingham County Prosecutors Office at the Bingham County Courthouse to obtain Domestic Violence Services Information.










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