Bingham County Sheriff's Office Mission Statement

It’s our commitment to provide professional law enforcement services to
all citizens of Bingham County through a trained, motivated, and
focused work force of men and women dedicated to public service.

Sheriff's Office Vision & Values

           We will provide quality professional service by:

                      Enforcing the law impartially and fairly
                       Working with community to prevent crime
                      Taking a proactive role in working with the youth of our community to develop                            character and respect for the law, themselves, and others
                       Performing our duties professionally and promptly

           We endeavor to earn the trust, respect, and confidence of citizens by:

                        Basing our personal and professional conduct on sound moral principles
                        Projecting an exceptional standard of conduct by being honest and respectful
                        Living by the rules we enforce

            We will share information and knowledge with the community, other agencies, and within                 the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office by:

                        Actively listening to all concerned
                        Ensuring that victims are informed about their cases and know where to go for help
                        Educating the community about crime through public outreach activities and                            programs
                        Being accountable and open to the citizens we serve
                        Encouraging the open exchange of ideas and information

            A helpful mindset is fundamental to earning the respect and confidence of the community.                We will accomplish this by:

                        Treating people and their problems as if they were our own
                        Being polite and courteous
                        Showing empathy and concern for the needs of others
                        Showing pride in our profession but yet tempered by humility


Craig T. Rowland
Bingham County Sheriff













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