Bingham County Sheriff's Office is made up of professional men and women that have one goal in mind, service.  We are an equal opportunity agency that demonstrates pride in our employees, community, and country.  Each employee understands the importance of supporting each other and how this attitude ultimately benefits the County.  This also extends to supporting and receiving support from, outside agencies by combining resources, knowledge and expertise.  When agencies work together, the community benefits from the service provided and the shared costs thus relieving some of the burden placed on the tax payers of Bingham County.

Our Mission in the Bingham County Sheriff's Office, is three fold:

 1)    We want to make Bingham County a place where everyone feels like they are  part
         of the community and a safe place to raise their families.

  2)    We want to provide  service that is professional, personal and expeditious.

  3)    We want to continually nurture a professional relationship with our business
          community and build a confidence level of trust and respect.


To accomplish this mission, it takes team work and co-operation from every employee in the Sheriff's Office.  It is imperative that in any professional organization, we all understand our destination and how to get there.  This is why we advocate the importance of open communications, and a 'chain of command'.  Law Enforcement is a paramilitary organization and as such there needs to be structure.  But the structure there comes trust and obedience to direction which is imperative due to the nature of the job and the entrusted power and authority that accompanies this occupation.

The Law Enforcement profession is an honorable, rewarding, self-motivating career.  The camaraderie and brother hood that exists is only truly understood by those that live this experience.  It builds character, pride, respect, and a love for freedom, country and a better way of life.

The men and Women that work for the Bingham County Sheriff's Office, truly emulate each and every one of these characteristics.



Dave Johnson

Bingham County Sheriff


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